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Nusa Penida 2

NUSA PENIDA ISLAND [FULL GUIDE] Bali, the most well-known tourist destination in Indonesia, is just 25 km away from the stunning and exotic Nusa Penida island. Though it is a smaller island than Bali, Nusa Penida boasts some of the province of Bali’s most breathtaking landscapes. Without a doubt, this island ranks high among Indonesia’s […]

Handara Gate Bali – Fee, Opening Hours, Location – Full Guide

Handara Gate 3

Handara Gate Bali – Full Guide The enchanting Bali Handara Gate stands as one of the island’s most captivating spots, earning its status as a must-visit destination for both tourists and photography enthusiasts alike. Serving as the entrance to a prestigious golf resort, this traditional Hindu gate holds profound cultural significance in Indonesian heritage, particularly […]

Bali Swing Full Guide

Bali Swing 7

Bali Swing Full Guide An increasing number of thrill-seekers are drawn to the undeniable allure of the Bali Swing. Nowadays, a genuine Bali getaway is deemed incomplete without experiencing the marvel of one of the spectacular Bali Swings. Thanks to its tourist appeal, numerous imitations have emerged in recent times. In this discussion, our focus […]

Kuta Beach Ultimate Guide: Everything to know about Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach 2

Kuta Beach Ultimate Guide: Everything to know about Kuta Beach Kuta Beach, a glorious 2.5-kilometer stretch of soft, cream-colored sand, is settled between Legian to the north and Tuban, the location of Ngurah Rai International Airport, to the south. This charmng beach along Bali’s southwestern coast stands out as one of Bali’s finest resort destinations, […]

Guide to Kintamani Volcano (Mount Batur) in Bali

Guide to Kintamani Volcano (Mount Batur) in Bali Kintamani Volcano also known as Mount Batur Volcano, located in north-east Bali, is a famous tourist destination due to its stunning natural beauty, as well as the six historic settlements and the breathtaking Batur Lake that sit atop an active volcano. Penelokan, Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kedisan, Abung, […]

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