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Bali, the most well-known tourist destination in Indonesia, is just 25 km away from the stunning and exotic Nusa Penida island. Though it is a smaller island than Bali, Nusa Penida boasts some of the province of Bali’s most breathtaking landscapes. Without a doubt, this island ranks high among Indonesia’s most picturesque destinations.

You can go to the island in a day from Bali and back again, but I recommend staying for a few days to really explore all the sites. Nusa Penida is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, with several beautiful places to trek and take photos.
In this travelogue, we’ll go over all the ins and outs of visiting Nusa Penida, including the how to reach Nusa Penida, what to do in Nusa Penida?, best time to visit Nusa Penida, sightseeing, and more. To help you plan your vacation to Nusa Penida, I have also attached a map of the island.

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Where Is Nusa Penida Island?

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Nusa Penida is a small island southeast of Bali, Indonesia. The distance from Bali is around 25 km (15 miles).
Penida is flanked by two small neighbouring islands, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, which are together known as the Nusa islands; however, Nusa Penida is the most well-known of the three due to its picturesque cliff vistas and stunning beaches. Nusa Penida to Nusa Lembongan is a short journey lasting about 20 minutes via boat.

How to Reach Nusa Penida From Bali and Seminyak?

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From Bali, A speedboat ride to Nusa Penida from Bali takes around 45 minutes, while ferries are the only other options. Since Nusa Penida does not have its own airport, the nearest major airport is Bali’s (DPS). Skyscanner is a good place to look for airfare to Bali or if you are traveling in group you can contact Luxury Indo Travel | Best Bali DMC for best airfare available.

Several Bali speedboat companies leave from Sanur Beach at different times every day to go to Penida. You can also take a drive to Sanur and then hop on a boat if you’re staying in Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak, or anyplace else in south Bali. Shuttle service from these locations is already included in the price by some boat operators.

To reach Nusa Penida from Seminyak, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Travel to Sanur Harbor, which is about 30 minutes from Seminyak.
  • At Sanur Harbor, purchase a fast boat ticket to Nusa Penida. Prices start at around $7–$10 USD per person, and the fastest trips take about 40–50 minutes.
  • Several companies operate regular ferry services between Sanur and Nusa Penida, including Aman Dia Cruise, Angel Billabong Fast Cruise, Arjuna Fast Boat, and more.

Keep in mind that traffic in Bali can be unpredictable, so factor extra time into your plans when traveling from Seminyak to Sanur. Once you arrive at Nusa Penida, you might want to consider hiring a scooter or joining a guided tour to explore the island. Seminyak to Nusa Penida Distance is approximately 56 kilometers (35 miles), while the straight-line (crow-fly) distance is 41 kilometers (26 miles).

Another choice is to contact a tour operator in Bali like Best Bali DMC, or Luxury Vacations and Holidays Pvt Ltd | Best Tour Agency in India about organising a day trip to Nusa Penida. If time is of the essence or you simply like to avoid the trouble, this may be a suitable alternative for you.

Visiting Nusa Penida Island – Tourist Fee

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The entrance fee for tourists arriving at Nusa Penida by boat has been in place since 2023, with the purpose of funding improvements to the island’s infrastructure.
Adults must pay 25k Rupiah and minors must pay 15k Rupiah when they disembark the boat in Penida. Penida, Lembongan, and Ceningan are the three islands that make up Nusa.
With this ticket, you can visit all of Nusa Penida’s top attractions and beaches—like Kelingking Beach—without paying a separate price.

This is a welcome improvement over the previous system, wherein visitors to Nusa Penida Bali were required to pull out their cash for a little entrance fee at each and every attraction. That got old fast. Paying at the harbour is now the final step.

How to Move Around Nusa Penida?

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Despite making up only around 4% of Bali’s total geographical area, Nusa Penida is certainly hardly an insignificant island. Seeing the top attractions on every part of the island will need a lot of driving time.
You may explore Nusa Penida in the same way you would Bali: by renting a motorbike and driving yourself about, or by hiring a car and a private driver.

Although many appear to have no problems, I do not recommend riding motorcycles on many of Nusa Penida’s tiny and uneven roads. Always use your horn before to any blind corners or slopes, and be ready to pull over to the side of the road if necessary to let other vehicles to pass. Very little space exists on the road.
I always reserve a car with a driver when I go to Nusa Penida. It’s the most convenient and safest option, and the costs are somewhat higher than what you’d spend in Bali for a whole day of driving. You can do it here.
Renting scooters is also convenient in Penida, whether from your accommodation or elsewhere. A full tank of petrol will cost approximately 75k Rupiah ($5 USD) per day.

Although they aren’t cheap, you can often arrange for short taxi rides (such as hotel transfers to and from the port) on the spot or through your hotel.
Nusa Penida is currently missing out on the ride-hailing app options offered by Bali-based companies Grab and Go-Jek. Hopefully, that will change in the near future.

What to do in Nusa Penida Bali?

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  • Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Among the many iconic vistas in Bali, the Kelingking Cliff is undoubtedly the most well-known on Nusa Penida. Incredible ‘T-Rex’ rock protruding from the lake, encircled by flawless turquoise water. This view is absolutely stunning the first-time you peer over the cliff’s edge. Once you’ve had your fill of the breathtaking views from Kelingking Cliff, you can follow the trail that leads down to the beach below. One of the nicest white sand beaches on Nusa Penida, Bali comes at the end of a strenuous and occasionally terrifying two-hour roundtrip trek down to the beach.
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  • Paluang Cliff Viewpoint

Even while Paluang Cliff is more well-known than Kelingking Cliff, there is another nearby place with equally breathtaking beauty. Kelingking is only a 5-minute drive away.
One of the things that draws people to Paluang is that it isn’t as famous as Kelingking. You can avoid the crowds at this alternate location while still enjoying views of the Kelingking T-rex.
The Paluang Cliff is home to swings and photo ops, as well as a Balinese temple known as the “car temple” in Nusa Penida, which features an eccentric vehicle shrine.

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  • Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Broken Beach is a popular starting point for tours of Nusa Penida island. The rocks have shaped this picturesque circular cove, which features a remnant of an arch.
If you’re lucky, you might even see some manta rays gliding around in the water near you; this is a common hangout for these creatures.
As the waves crash against the bottom, they deposit turquoise water, and a tiny beach of white sand is visible. What a cool view! Unfortunately, you can’t actually go down to the beach; you can only admire it from above.
Some ancient urban legends state that this spot was either fashioned by the footfall of a giant or by an enraged magician.
Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this formation anyplace else on Earth.

Nusa Penida Map

You can use this map of Nusa Penida to help you arrange your vacation. While you may get additional information about each attraction by clicking on its symbol, please be aware that the locations shown on this map are only approximations.


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Is Nusa Penida Safe?

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To answer your question, Nusa Penida is completely risk-free.
We spend some of our time in Bali. Penida has an extremely low crime rate, both in terms of serious and minor offenses. Follow standard safety protocols. The residents are warm and welcoming, and the community is close-knit.
Please respect the local culture and temples because Balinese people are very devout. Hikers should exercise extreme caution near Kelingking Beach and other precipitous cliffs.

Best Time to Visit Nusa Penida

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Any month is perfect for a vacation to Nusa Penida because of its drier and sunnier temperature compared to mainland Bali.
When is the ideal time to visit the island of Nusa Penida? That depends entirely on your priorities.
From November to April, Bali has its wet season. Daytime temperatures can reach 90–95 degrees Fahrenheit (32–35 degrees Celsius), but there will be fewer people and the rain will fall largely at night.
Between May and August, you may expect much milder weather with more breezes and sunshine. Because it is the peak season, there is a slight increase in crowds.
No matter the season, Bali Nusa Penida is picture-perfect. However, if you’re a photographer, I recommend going between March and May (just after the rainy season ends) to capture the island’s verdant foliage.
On the other hand, if you’re merely concerned with pleasant weather, the months of May through August offer the best conditions.

Is Nusa Penida Worth Visiting?

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You should definitely go to Nusa Penida Bali if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to visit Pineda after reading this!
You won’t find better views in all of Indonesia, not just on this island, but in the whole Bali province. It offers a wide variety of activities, including beaches, hiking, water sports, cliffs, caverns, and more.
In addition to the improvement of transportation options, the island is seeing the proliferation of several high-quality hotels and eateries. Traveling the relatively short distance between Bali and Nusa Penida is a must if you want to experience all that this island has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best area to stay in Nusa Penida depends on your preferences regarding proximity to attractions, infrastructure, and type of environment.

For those seeking a convenient location with nearby restaurants, bars, and infrastructure, Toyapakeh Harbour & Batununggul in the North Eastern part of the island is recommended. This area offers the most developed infrastructure on the island.

If you prefer a peaceful setting closer to scenic attractions, the East Coast, including Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach, might suit you better. Although less developed than the North, the East provides a more relaxed atmosphere and direct access to beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Lastly, if you wish to explore the westernmost part of the island, which is home to Crystal Bay and its renowned snorkeling spot, this region is another excellent option. Keep in mind that the western side tends to be more crowded due to its popularity among tourists.

In summary:

  • Toyapakeh Harbour & Batununggul (Northeast) — Convenience and infrastructure
  • East Coast (e.g., Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach) — Peacefulness and scenic beauty
  • West Coast (e.g., Crystal Bay) — Popularity and snorkeling opportunities

Nusa Penida is an Indonesian island off the southeast coast of Bali that offers stunning landscapes, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and pristine white-sand beaches. The island is a paradise for sightseeing, photography, diving, and snorkeling. Some of the must-see places on Nusa Penida include:

  • Kelingking Beach: This T-Rex shaped cliff side has rocketed tourism into the sky with its natural iconic beauty. Kelingking Beach itself is a secluded, white sandy haven surrounded by turquoise waters.
  • Angel’s Billabong: A natural infinity pool situated between two cliffs on the western coastline of the island.
  • Broken Beach: A small impressive cove near Angel’s Billabong that is called Broken Beach. Walk over a bridge made by nature.
  • Diamond Beach: One of the most beautiful spots on Nusa Penida, Diamond Beach is a pristine white-sand beach surrounded by towering cliffs.
  • Crystal Bay Beach: A great place to chill and catch a sunset in Nusa Penida. This spot has a few warungs (local restaurants) lining the beach and plenty of space to grab a seat in the sand.
  • Tembeling Beach and Forest: A random natural pool that appears in the middle of the Tembeling Beach and Forest Trail.
  • Banah Cliff Point: A great spot to watch the sunset and take in the breathtaking views.
  • Atuh Beach: One of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches on Nusa Penida, surrounded by huge cliffs and remarkable rock formations.
  • Rumah Pohon Treehouse: A hotel with a unique viewpoint. On a small cliff are three treehouses almost 360 degrees, surrounded by the ocean and an unbeatable view.
  • Thousand Islands Viewpoint: Overlooking the whole east coast of Nusa Penida is the best from the Thousand Islands Viewpoint.
  • Goa Giri Putri: A religious sight in North Penida that is visited by many Balinese people.

To fully experience the island’s natural wonders and attractions, it is recommended to spend at least 3 to 4 days there. This timeframe will allow you to visit famous spots like Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Crystal Bay, as well as explore lesser-known gems like Atuh Beach and Broken Beach.

To get to Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida, you can hire a driver to take you around the east coast of the island, which is the best way to reach the beach. The beach is located on the east coast of Nusa Penida, near the famous Rumah Pohon Tree House and Atuh Beach. It’s about an hour’s drive from Penida harbor, and it’s easiest to visit via an East Nusa Penida Tour. The beach was previously inaccessible, but now there are carved stairs into the cliffside that make it accessible. The entrance fee is 10,000 IDR, and the parking fee is 5,000 IDR. It’s recommended to wear solid shoes and be cautious of the rough ocean and rocks. The beach is not ideal for swimming due to the large particles in the waves, but it offers stunning views and photo opportunities. It’s advised to visit early in the morning to avoid crowds, and it’s recommended to spend about 2-3 hours exploring the beach and its surroundings.

Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Angel Billabong. Nusa Penida is also known for its rich culture, with temples like Goa Giri Putri and Pura Ped being significant attractions.

On the other hand, Nusa Lembongan caters to visitors interested in a more relaxed atmosphere with easier access to amenities. It provides a greater selection of accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Nusa Lembongan is renowned for its surfing spots and is considered a better choice for families due to its safer environment for children.

In summary, Nusa Penida is recommended for those wanting to escape into nature and immerse themselves in the local culture, while Nusa Lembongan is preferred for its convenience, comfort, and recreational activities.

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