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How to get visa for Bali from India - Is Bali Open for Indian Tourists?

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Bali-Indonesia Visa Guide for Indian Citizens

Do I Need A Visa for Bali? Traveling is a therapeutic activity that calms the spirit as well as the intellect. Due to its breath-taking scenery, Bali, an Indonesian island, is a favourite among regular tourists and nature enthusiasts.

Bali has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for young people looking to get away from the stress of work and regular life. Among the remaining 17,000 islands in Indonesia, this one is the brightest. Owing to the high volume of tourists nearly year-round, it is imperative that you arrange your vacation in advance.

And Bali, it too, will undoubtedly be the kick plan with the greatest pleasure. Known for its beautiful beaches, you may explore the area extensively through restaurants, traditional art galleries, and a variety of water activities. And here is how you can make sure you’re ready for your vacation.

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Do Indians need a Visa for Bali-Indonesia?

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Yes, Indian nationals must have a valid 30-day visa upon arriving in Indonesia. It can be obtained from the Local Immigration Office for an additional thirty days. You can choose the kind of visa based on why you are traveling. Only the Directorate General of Immigration may authorize visas.
You require a visa if your trip will last more than 30 days. You can choose the kind of visa based on why you are traveling.

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Is there a Visa on arrival in Bali for Indian Citizens?

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When you arrive in Indonesia, you can apply for a visa at the airport if your trip will last more than 30 days. You’ll have to pay IDR 5,00,00 for it. There’s also a 30-day option to prolong this.
*Disclaimer: Due to fluctuations in the current currency rate, prices are subject to change.

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Types of Visa in Indonesia

Type of Visa

Number of Days



30-60 days

Visa on arrival. Charges IDR500,000, Can be extended for 30 days.

Social/Cultural/Tourist -B211

Valid for 60 days

Can be extended 3 times for 30 days. Issued by Consulate or Embassy outside Indonesia

Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa

Issued by Consulate or Embassy outside Indonesia. Valid for 1 year

You need have a Multiple Business Visa if you want to travel to Indonesia for business. The passport should remain valid for six months after the trip date in each of the situations. Be aware that there will be a penalty of IDR 1,000,000 each day if you decide to remain longer than necessary in Bali.

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Is Bali Visa Free for Indians?

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Type of Visa

Number of Days


Tourist (Visa on Arrival)


● INR 2,680 or USD 35 ● For extension of stay, any Indian citizen will have to pay INR 4213 or USD 61.5 at the immigration hall. ● If the extension is applied with the help of an agent, then you need to pay INR.1817 or USD 26.50 as their fees.

Social/Cultural Purposes

30-60 days

● B-211 visa can be bought on arrival. ● Need a personal sponsor which can be a travel agent also. ● Can be extended, but maximum 4 times. ● The cost is INR4216 or USD 61.5 for visa and each extension. ● If the extension is applied with the help of an agent, then you need to pay Rs.1817 or USD 26.50 as their fees.


Any but not more than 30 days

INR 2900 or USD 42.30

Documents required for Bali-Indonesia Visa

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(If your trip lasts more than 30 days)
The passport is the first and most crucial need for a Bali visa. Verify whether your passport will still be valid six months after the trip.

  • The visa application, approximately two copies.
  • Two pictures measuring 35 by 44 mm. Verify that it has a matte appearance and was taken against a white backdrop a copy of the airline reservation and the evidence of the visit.
  • The itinerary or the tour plan.
  • Application form 16 and all of your tax submission paperwork from the last three years.
  • The applicant’s last six months’ bank statement.
  • A three-month wage stub from the applicant.
  • If the applicant is retired, their pension order.
  • In the event that a student or young person is traveling alone, a family member’s letter of no objection may also be necessary.


All instances require the paperwork, however if you have applied for an employment visa, other documentation will be required.

  • Evidence that there are enough money in the bank account.
  • A document detailing your work permit that was faxed straight to the immigration department.


People apply for business or employment visas for Bali in addition to tourist and employment visas. It requires all of the previously listed papers in addition to a few others, such as:

  • An organization cover letter.
  • Evidence of the corporation or business, whether or not it is registered in India?
  • An invitation letter from a Bali-based firm.
  • The applicant’s travel insurance policy.

How to Apply Visa for Bali?

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If you are a tourist visiting Bali, your stay will almost certainly be less than thirty days. In that scenario, you are eligible for a Visa on Arrival. The only documents you will need to provide at the airport are:

  • A passport with two blank visa pages that is valid for at least six months.
  • Evidence of subsequent and return flights.

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The process to apply for a tourist visa when your stay will be more than 30 days:

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  • Visit online for the procedure and get the application form.
  • Write a cover letter outlining the reason for the appointment.
  • Verify that your passport has two blank pages and is valid for six months.
  • Insert your photo(s) into the form. These images could just be three months old.
  • Obtain your confirmed airline tickets and attach them to the application.
  • The file must be submitted with a 10 or 25 USD charge.
  • Present documentation of your Bali, Indonesia hotel reservation. If you are lucky to have a sponsor in Bali, then submit a letter of the sponsor. It will need three to four days to process the file.
  • There should be sufficient money in the applicant’s bank account. It serves as evidence that you will have a comfortable vacation in Bali.
  • Every applicant receives a file tracking number that enables them to monitor the progress of their visa application. Once everything is finished, you can pick up your passport. Prepare to have a good time.

Bali Indonesia Tourist Visa processing time

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If the stay exceeds thirty days, obtaining a tourist visa may take two to fifteen days. Bali draws travelers from all over the world. Certain nations, such as India, are exempt from requiring a visa if the visit is for fewer than 30 days.

Should I buy Travel insurance for Indonesia?

Are you planning a fun and enjoyable trip to Bali soon? If so, before you leave on your trip, purchase a travel insurance policy to give yourself some peace of mind. Although it’s not required, owning one will be wise in case of need. Those going to Bali ought to purchase travel insurance:

  • To pay for medical costs in any situation, such as when you were expecting a nice scooter ride but it skidded. You were rushed to the hospital after you fell and got harmed. With your travel policy the medical bills could be covered.
  • People occasionally sustain serious injuries that render them immobile. The Travel Policy provides for the necessary medical evacuation to the safest location.
  • To pay for immediate cancellation expenses, such as hotel and ticket booking fees, only when an unforeseen event occurs at home, such as a relative’s passing.
  • For the moments when you were too busy having fun on rides and adventures to realize that your bag, which contained your passport and other belongings, was missing. Your life would not be easy without a passport, but a travel insurance could make up for it as well.
  • While on Balinese holiday if you end up destroying someone else’s property, you will be protected for all the liabilities incurred.
  • During the most stressful moment when theft has caused you to lose your wallet, cash, personal belongings, luggage, and other necessities. Perhaps the only hope for Indonesia will be travel insurance.
  • For occasions when you actively engage in Bali watersports activities, such as snorkeling. Your insurance will give you a set amount of hours or days during which you can engage in any activity.
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